Don’t just take our word for it! Listen to what clients of the Luke Barnett have to say about working with us…

I have been using Luke for all my restorative work for the past 5 years i.e. crowns, bridges, veneers, porcelain onlays, implant restorations etc.
The standard of the service I have received from Luke and his fantastic staff is second to none. They are friendly, very easy to work with and very efficient.
The quality of the laboratory work speaks for itself, the fit and aesthetics are fantastic, everything that I and my patients desire. The patients are always delighted with the cosmetics and function of the crown,veneer and bridgework which makes my job so much simpler.

It has been a pleasure to work with Luke and I hope there are many more years to come.

Neil Strong

“Having worked with Luke and all the team for over 20 years, I wouldn’t look elsewhere…….you have to know when you’ve got the best.”

Dr Mark Kent

It is nearly 10 years since I first met Luke at his lab to discuss a veneer case I was hoping to complete for a patient. 

In his most honest and professional manner he explained to me that I had to change course and treat the patient with an Inman aligner rather than a veneer. 
Little did I know then what an Inman was but since I have learnt an awful lot more about dentistry from Luke.

He and his team really are a phenomenal team of passionate and wonderfully talented down to earth people.

I feel truly privileged to have fitted so many highly aesthetic and conservative, minimalist restorations over the years.

They have allowed me to perform dentistry at a level I never believed I could do.

It is only through our wholly respectful and brutally honest (for example requesting I have to refine a prep to ensure the best clinical outcome – they will not allow me to get away with second best!) respect for each other that I continue to improve. 
I receive no greater professional pleasure than to keep seeing those same restorations remain pristine in my patients’ mouths for years to come!

Thanks to all of you!  

Nathan Ellituv

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