Our team

Luke Barnett and his team have established themselves as one of the UK’s most influential ceramic specialists working from our state of the art facility in Watford, Herts. Luke is also an owner of the Precision Coping Company. 

Our admins deal with client liaison, purchase administration, case processing and most importantly, care for patients on their visits for shades, custom finishing and consultations.

Ceramists – our Department of Artistry! These results are what the patient sees and also whether the restoration is defined as a success. In this department, Art meets Science in the layering of multiple coloured porcelains and glasses in an attempt to achieve results as close to nature as is humanly possible.

Our metal department is responsible for all of our substructure production. These ensure that our full range of services and products deliver a precise fit.

Plaster room is where all precise restorations begin! The role of the model production team at Luke Barnett is varied but is at the very cornerstone of all our work.

Our whitening team comprises of two administrators, Sue and Julie who manage the office while the production team of process workers is headed up by Joni with the incredible skills of Amanda, Denise and Aimee – these trays are items of beauty!

The Precise Art Of Technical Dentistry