Metal Dept.

Our gold department is responsible for all of our substructure production. These ensure that our full range of services and products deliver a precise fit.  We use CADCAM technology which is fully integrated into our daily production, and is used in conjunction with traditional ‘lost’ wax techniques which give us vital control over all production lines.

We produce a full range of substructures in precious and non precious materials alongside our state of the art pressed ceramics (e.max) which have become central to our success. The department is also responsible for our implant production.

We cover all the major systems including Nobel Procera, Straumann, Astra, Ankylos, Bio Horizons and many of the lesser known ones too. This gives us the ability to fully support our clients in their preferred implant choice.

We have been using CADCAM design for our implant abutments since 1995.

The Precise Art Of Technical Dentistry