Precision Coping Company

Phil Horn is the Precision
Coping Company (PCC)

Ceramist and CadCam expert Phil is responsible for the production of our Lava and Cerec systems requirements and that of our out sourcing business PCC that was established
in 2009.

In addition he is an expert with our Nobel Holographic Collography scanner which is at the centre of our implant substructure production and as a professional photographer, looks after all our digital needs including print and newsletter production. His multi skilled abilities are an invaluable asset to the business.

By Technicians… For Technicians.

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Precision Coping Company applies the same degree of craftsmanship and quality control that have made the Luke Barnett brand so successful. We supply copings, frameworks and implant components to other quality-led laboratories.

Zirconia and Alumina are not new to dentistry. What is new is the attention to detail and quality of the frameworks themselves. We believe that CAD/CAM dentistry is part of the future of dentistry and have invested heavily in the 3M Espe Lava system. This delivers the best milling results and to our eyes has the best quality shaded zirconia.

We also work with another tried and trusted name in dentistry, Procera. We pay close attention to marginal integrity to get the best fit for your copings. We also use Procera to provide many types of implant abutment work.

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The Precise Art Of Technical Dentistry