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19.09.16 : Do you speak DSD?

Will you be attending the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Annual Conference in Edinburgh this year? If you are, may I recommend that you consider attending the ‘Do you speak DSD course?’ – Digital Smile Design for facially driven treatment planning. 

Elaine Halley is an official DSD master and her practices are DSD Accredited Clinics and she will be sharing how she has integrated the DSD philosophy into everyday working life. Involving technicians in the design and diagnostic process for restorative cases takes the process to another level – and this is where yours truly comes in! 

We will both share with you our understanding of how we can take this enhanced treatment planning and use it to better understand our patients and enhance the partnerships we form when working towards enhanced aesthetics.

Learning objectives are:

  • Understanding the step-by-step process to consistently treatment plan comprehensively starting from a facial perspective
  • Identifying the features of individual attractiveness and how to build harmony into our prescriptions for smile design
  • Tools for patient communication and presentation to aid case acceptance for simple to complex treatment plans including orthodontics
  • Utilisation of digital tools for enhanced laboratory communication, patient communication and deliver predictable clinical results

Look forward to seeing you there. 

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