News pr: Supporting BACD Regional Meetings

Luke Barnett sponsoring BACD Regional meetings

20.02.15 : Supporting BACD Regional Meetings

At the Luke Barnett Centre we are proud to be sponsoring the London BACD Regional Meetings throughout 2015. 

These meetings are local, evening affairs where dentists, technicians and team members can learn about aspects of cosmetic dentistry. We have always found them to be a great way to meet with other dentists and technicians in your area after work and discuss cases and approaches to cosmetic dentistry and network, chat and share interesting tips.  BACD members only pay a pound to attend a meeting.

BACD Executive Administrator Suzy Rowlands commented, “We are really appreciative of the backing that Luke and his team have showed us. Our regional meetings are an important component of the BACD offering and our members tell us of the value that they add to membership.”

To find out more about upcoming meetings, please visit

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