News pr: 2015 - my thoughts

2015 - Luke Barnett ' s thoughts

20.01.15 : 2015 - my thoughts

As we enter a new year, thoughts can often turn to a little bit of crystal ball gazing and what we expect to happen over the coming months. For what it's worth, here's my tuppence worth:

  • None of the General Election manifestos will contain one word about dentistry
  • The GDC will continue as the mediaeval overlords they clearly think that they are
  • Digital dentistry will advance unabated - we see more of its footprint on a daily basis at the Luke Barnett dental laboratory
  • NHS dentists will be expected to provide the impossible, on a budget
  • There are still patients out there who demand high quality aesthetics and we need to look after them  

It can make slightly depressing reading can't it? However, at the risk of sounding like an overly positive business coach, life is what YOU make it - there will always be bureaucrats and nay-sayers that can bring you down and stop you doing things if you let them. DON'T! Plough your own furrow and get on with enjoying your dentistry. It can still be the most wonderful of professions and vocations. 

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